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First of all to my family:

Imanuel Noy-Meir , my beloved father , who has passed away Oct. 6th 2009. To him I dedicate this project, for it was always his wanting that I record my songs , and his legacy made it possible for me. Gladly he got the chance to listen to some of these songs in their raw version, only with my guitar.
A special place in this website is dedicated to his memory.

Zehava Noy-Meir , my mother , who is always the best mirror to where I am and how true I am to myself. Who gave me hours and hours of musical inspiration, while she was listening to the radio throughout my childhood, with much joy, especially folk music, Irish music, classical and Baroque music. I guess her love for music and dance, opened my ears and my body to the greatness of music. 
She has given me great feedbacks during the mix process, and during recordind my vocal parts. And most important - she was the one who introduced me to NLP and to Sharon Shahal (read on...)

Zohar Noy-Meir - My wise older sister who has believed in my music since I was 14, who is responsible for some good musical influences I got from her records at young age, against my will I had to listen to Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, The beatles, Janis Ian (All I wanted to listen to at the time, was my Duran Duran , Fame, and other 80's records), the one who always tells me the truth, and gives me great insights. She also contributed a lot of careful listening and good advice during the mix process.

Uri Noy-Meir- my talented younger brother, who reminds me what true freedom is, who gives me the best example for living the way I believe we should. Who opens new doors of thinking.

To my son Eden , who gives me light and joy and sings along with me.
* * *
A huge thank you to Sharon Shahal my NLP practitioner, who has helped me open the door to my deepest places, to my soul, where music and lyrics were waiting for me.
She has been my biggest support and a source of endless wisdom, during what was maybe the most important year of my life – a year full of changes and challenges. Without her help,
I truly don't think any of this would have happened.

Thanks to all the supporting friends and family who gave me feedback and assurances for the importance of doing something with my music: my cousin Yael Baron (Ben Shmuel),
my ex-husband - Shmulik.

To all people who like my music and support it: my friends and family, my coaching clients, to people I  know only from the net.

Thanks to my virtual friends at the Goo Goo Dolls fan websites
(www.AbsoluteGoo.com  and the formal fan site of the band www.googoodolls.com  ) - especially Sue Hiller.

To all my music teachers in the past (the list is long) ,
to Yariv Etzion (known as
Stereo underground) - a great teacher and musician who has opened my eyes to understanding the music business world.

To Amit Amrami – owner of Papa studio, for the constant support, and good advice throughout the process.

To Liron Teeni - a radio icon and a true music lover, who pushed me to going deeper and further with my voice. 

To Gila Sinai – for helping me meet the deep dark and hidden parts of my voice.

To all the musicians involeved in this project.

To Gilat Gur-Arie Greenberg for the wonderfull illustration you see on the top of this website, that she made especially for me with great tallent.

To Tallented Photographer Tal Rogovski for the amazing photo's for the Album and Single covers.

To Make up Artist Ofri Dames And Hair designer Shlomi Ben Asher for the amazing Job on the Album Photoshoot.

To Eitan Riklis for the photo on the website banner.

To all the people making and sharing music for thousands of years all over the world, from whom we all get inspiration and understanding of music's beauty and infinite energy.

To God.

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