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Taly Noy-Meir

About » In the memory of my father

I dedicate this music project to my father, Imanuel Noy-Meir, who was a great, loving and supportive father and grandfather, a brilliant scientist. And the most modest man I have ever known.

He always believed in me and in my music, and many times has offered me to pay for recording my songs. He often said to me: "it is important you leave behind you something" and he meant something physical, that people can hold, use and enjoy. But for a long time I didn't feel I was ready.
Sadly,  just a few months after I was awakened from my creative "coma", and started to write songs I really loved, and agreed to consider recording them, my father died unexpectedly during a heart surgery (6th oct. 2009).
I am glad I got a chance to share with him 2 of these new songs ("You are the question" and "you make sense to me").
My father left us a sum of money, and I decided to be brave, and invest it in my songs.
So my father is in fact my true investor mentally and financially, he made this happen.

You can read more about his work in his
webpage in the Hebrew university wesite.

Wiki (Hebrew)

Imanuel Noy-Meir

I hope he can hear the music from where ever he is now.
May his soul rest in peace


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