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A review on the EP Your Heart Is Your Only Home
by Adam Baruch -
..."The fact is that this EP is one of the best pieces of new Israeli music I´ve heard in a long while. Everything about it: the quality of the songs, the intelligent lyrics, the way Taly performs them, the excellent arrangements and formidable instrumental performances, production, sound and recording quality - all the above are simply superb. It is quite difficult to pinpoint Taly´s music exactly, as she combines genres quite freely. There are shades of indie Rock, some Country, a tinge of Jazz and other bits and pieces, but they work together perfectly, creating a unique and fresh musical experience, which is something quite rare these days. The music rocks, yet its romantic and heartfelt at the same time, and Taly´s warm and seductive voice is perfectly suited to this music. In short this is first class music, which makes you immediately ask for more, which I hope will follow soon in the form of a full album. In the liner notes Taly ask her fans to buy this EP, which will enable her to continue recording her music – all I can do is to ask everybody to join this effort, as she´s much to talented to be ignored!"...

The song "when I won't fear of losing it all" - awarded Taly Noy-Meir the Suggested Artist placement in the song The Song of the Year songwriting contest 2011. http://songwriting.songoftheyear.com/talynoy-meir.htm 


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